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(a) Scheme of Grants for Creation of Sports Infrastructure

This scheme has been in operation in the Department for more than 25 years. Under this scheme, State governments, state sports councils, U.T. administrations, local statutory bodies and registered voluntary organisations can avail assistance for creation of various kinds of sports infrastructure like play fields, indoor and outdoor stadia, swimming pools, veledrome and sports hostels. Grants for establishment of SPDA centres, district level sports comlexes and State sports training complexes are admissible only to State Governments. The grant admissible is 50% of the estimated cost subject to stipulated ceilings. The maximum grant for a State level training complex is Rs. 2 crore.

(b) Grant to Rural Schools for Playfields & Sports Equipment

This is a sub scheme of the main Scheme of Grants for Creation of Sports Infrastructure. Under this scheme, a Secondary and Senior Secondary School, fulfilling the prescribed conditions and located in a rural area, is entitled to claim a one time maximum assistance of Rs.1 lakh for development of a play field or purchase of nonconsumable sports equipment or for both. There is no matching contribution against the grant released, either from the State Government's side or the School. Only one school, per block is being initially assisted. However, there is provision for giving grant to two schools located in tribal/hilly areas.


(c) Laying of Synthetic Tracks/Artificial Hockey and other Surfaces

This scheme has been in operation for the last ten years. Its objective is to make available facilities for practice and training to our National Athletics and Synthetic Surfaces. Since the commencement of the Scheme, 9 synthetic athletic tracks, and 15 hockey surfaces have been sanctioned grants and these either stand installed or are in the process of installation at various places in the country. From the VIII Five Year Plan, the Scheme has been revised to allow State Governments/registered voluntary bodies to avail assistance for surfaces other than athletic tracks and hockey surfaces. Discipline like volleyball courts, tennis, badminton etc. have now been included for grants. Maximum central grant for the newly added disciplines is Rs. 50 lakh. For synthetic athletic track and synthetic hockey surface, the ceiling has been raised to Rs.1 crore.


(d) Grants for Sports Infrastructure in Universities/Colleges

All colleges/universities can avail assistance for creation of sports infrastructure upto 75 per cent of the estimated cost subject to given ceiling through the University Grants Commission. The lumpsum grant is placed annually at the disposal of the Commission by the Department. The grant is sanctioned directly by the Department in favour of technical/medical/agricultural colleges/universities

The scheme also provides for assistance to the Association of Indian Universities on a decided pattern for inter university tournaments, coaching and training camps for participation of universities teams in national and international events. The Association has also been authorised to make recommendation to the Department for award of the prestigious Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy ( a rolling Trophy) to the overall winner of the inter university tournaments. A cash prize incentive of Rs. 50,000, 25,000 and 10,000 is also given to the universities winning first three positions. This amount is to be utilised for purchase of sports equipment.

In this scheme, grant is also given to Sports Authority of India for award of monthly scholarships to talented sports persons of colleges/universities.

Sports Federations are financially assisted for conducting national championships, organising coaching camps for preparing teams and for participation of the teams in international tournaments. Limited secretarial support is also given by way of reimbursement of salary of the paid Joint/Assistant Secretary of the Federation. The requests for assistance are processed according to the Guidelines laid down by the DepartmAnt. There are 54 recognised National Sports Federations. The Indian Olympic Association is also treated as a sports federation for the purpose of support and financial assistance under this scheme.


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