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Sports Fund for Pension to Meritorious Sportspersons
National Welfare Fund for Sportspersons
Travel Grant to Sports Specialists
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Evaluation of Sports Schemes
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SAF Games, 1995 Madras

(a) Cash Awards to Winners of Medals in International Sports Events

Special cash awards ranging from Rs. 50,000/ to Rs. 5.00 Iakh are given since 1986 for winning medals in specified international sports events in all disciplines which are included in the Olympic, Asian and Commonwealth Games. These awards are also given to Juniors for winning medals in World, Asian and Commonwealth championships.

The basic objective of the award is to serve as an incentive to the achievers and an inspiration to the upcoming sportspersons. It is also intended to help sportspersons of outstanding excellence to be able to maintain themselves with dignity and continue to give their best in further pursuit of the sports of their choice. During the year, 1995-96, 107 sportspersons/coaches were given cash awards under this scheme.


(b) Sports Talent Search Scholarship Scheme

The Sports Talent search Scholarship Scheme was introduced in 1970-71. The scheme provides facilities to talented young boys and girls studying at the secondary stage of education and proficient in sports to develop their talent in sports and to enable them to have nutritious diet during their studentship. Students are selected on the basis of sports competitions at National or State level. Scholarships are also provided to outstanding sportspersons at university and college levels under NSO Programmes, and to women under the programme of 'Promotion of Sports and Physical Education amongst Women'. Old scholarships are also renewed provided the holders continue to maintain or improve the level of their achievements. National level scholarship are given at the rate of Rs.4,800 per annum and State level at the rate of Rs. 3,600 per annum. While there is no upper limit for the number of national scholarships, 100 State level scholarships are given for each State and 40 scholarships for each Union Territory. About 10,000 applications were received for grant of scholarships in 1995-96.


(c) Scholarships for Training of Specialists and Outstanding Sportspersons

The scheme was introduced in the year 1990-91. The purpose is to equip talented outstanding sportspersons, coaches, physical conditioning experts, sports scientists and research experts with the latest techniques of training, coaching and research so that, in the years to come, India could build a pool of experts who could impart training and handle national level athletes/sportspersons. One talented outstanding sportsperson was assisted under the scheme during 1995-96. A sum of Rs. 10 lakhs was provided for this scheme during the year 1995-96.

(d) Sports Fund for Pension to Meritorious Sportspersons

Government launched this new scheme from the year 1994. Under the scheme, pension is given to sportspersons, who win medals in the Olympic games and gold medals in Asian games. While Olympic medalists are given pension @ Rs. 2000/per month, gold medalists of Asian games are given pension @ Rs. 1500/ per month. Pension is given from the age of 30 till life. The scheme is being operated through the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Upto March 1996, 182 sportspersons have been sanctioned pension under this scheme.


(e) National Welfare Fund for Sportspersons

The National Welfare Fund for Sportspersons (and their families) was created in 1982 primarily to assist outstanding sportspersons of yesteryears, who had won glory for the country in sports, but are, unfortunately now living in indigent circumstances. This financial support is generally in the form of a monthly pension of upto Rs. 1500. Lumpsum grants are also given for medical treatment. The sportspersons suffering from grievous or fatal injury in the course of participation in sports events or during training are also helped.


(f) Travel Grant to Sports Specialists

The scheme of 'Travel Grant to Sports Specialists' was introduced during the year 1987 in pursuance of the resolution of National Sports Policy, 1984. The objective of the Scheme is to promote and encourage research and development in the field of' sports and physical education. Under this Scheme, the Department. provides passage cost for international travel for attending important academic conferences. etc.

The scope of the scheme was expanded to cover other sports specialists including coaches. The purpose is primarily to create a pool of qualified and knowledgeable sports specialists whose services can be availed by sportspersons and others. During 1995-96, three scholars were given such assistance. The budget provision for this scheme was Rs. 3.00 lakh.


(g) Promotion of Sports and Physical Education among Women

The scheme is meant to encourage women by giving them attractive incentives in the form of scholarship for furthering their achievements in studies and career in sports. A scholarship of Rs.6000/ per annum is available to those who have emerged champions in the National Women Championships (Senior) conducted by recognised national sports federations according to international rules

Women who are holding any other scholarship under a sports scheme of the Union or State Government are not eligible for this scholarship. They have to opt for any one scholarship only. The scholarships are also not available to those who are enrolled in the residential sports coaching programmes of Sports Authority of India, State Governments.(or its agencies), voluntary bodies, public/private sector enterprises and to those who are employed.

All women holding a master's degree in physical education from a recognised university, who are undergoing the diploma course in Sports Coaching at NIS are eligible to get a scholarship of Rs. 1800/ per course. Scholarship of Rs.1800/ per annum is also given to all women holding master's degree in physical education in a college having status at par with LNCPE, Gwalior, The scholarship is available only for one year to those doing M.Phil and to those doing Ph.D in physical education, the scholarship is available upto a period of 3 years.


(h) Rural Sports Programme

The scheme of Rural Sports Programme, launched in the year 1970-71 with a view to broadbasing games and sports and tapping the hidden talent available in rural areas, was being operated by the Department of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. The Department was also operating another scheme, namely, 'Special Scheme for Sports Activities among the Backward Tribes'. The present scheme is an improvement over the earlier schemes as, apart from arranging tournaments in rural areas, it also puts emphasis on encouraging club culture in rural areas, and includes a special programme for the north eastern region, namely, the North East Sports Festival.

(i) Rural Sports Clubs

Under the scheme, nodal Voluntary Sports Clubs/Sports Centres, on recommendation of the State Govts, are given one time grant upto Rs. 30,000/ for purchase of consumable and non consumable sports equipment. In case of tribal blocks, assistance upto Rs.45,000/ is given. This is followed by a grant of Rs. 5,000/ per annum for subsequent two years. During 1995-96, 32 clubs have been assisted under the scheme.


(j) North Eastern Sports Festival

In order to broadbase games and sports in the otherwise neglected areas of the north eastern states and to tap the hidden talent which is available in abundance there, the Govt. of India approved the scheme in the year 1986-87 for conduct of North East Sports Festival.

During 1995-96, 934 competitors from 8 States participated in 9 sports disciplines in North East Sports Festival, held from 26th to 31st March, 1996 in Sikkim.

(k) Dr. BR. Ambedkar Rural Sports Tournaments

A countrywide programme of Rural Sports Tournaments was launched in 1970-71 to encourage youth in rural areas to join the mainstream of the country's sports activities. Financial assistance is made available to the States @ Rs. 2000/. per discipline upto 3 disciplines for each district level tournament and Rs. 10,000/ per discipline for State level tournaments and Rs. 5,000/ per discipline for each Union Territory, upto five disciplines.


(l) National Sports Festival for Women

The 'National Sports Festival for Women', first organised in 1975, has now become a significant national competition for women. The programme is organised by Sports Authority of India. For the purpose of lower level competitions, financial assistance is made available to the States @ Rs. 1,000/ for block, Rs. 3,000/ for district and Rs.10,000/ for State level tournaments (for bigger States) and Rs.5,000/ for smaller States/UTs.

(m) Evaluation of Sports Schemes

During 1994-95, the schemes of Sports Authority of India; viz National Sports Talent Contest, Army Boys Sports Company, special Project Development Area. Special Area Games, National Coaching Scheme and Sports Hostel Scheme have been got evaluated by Tata Consultancy Services and the reports submitted to Govt. are being considered for implementation. Sports schemes of the Deptt. are also proposed to be taken up for evaluation



(n) Exchange of Sports and Physical Education Teams/Experts

International cooperation in the field of sports physical education took a big leap forward, providing the much needed opportunities of foreign exposure to national teams and coaching/training abroad. Government of India procured the services of international coaches/sportspersons by way of bilateral agreements under CEPs/ Sports protocols with the concerned countries. The foreign coaches are paid air fare, salaries, TA & DA/medical expenses & local transportation, etc. during their contract/employment in India. During the year 11 foreign coaches/experts were working on contract basis.


(o) SAF Games, 1995 Madras

The Indian contingent of 337 persons (252 sportspersons, 46 coaches, 19 managers, 15 technical officials and 5 IOA officers) were cleared by Government to participate in the Vllth SAF Games held at Madras from 18th to 27th December, 1995. The whole contingent was cleared at Govt. cost except 19 managers at 'No Cost to Govt.' and 11 referees/judges were provided only to & fro air passage cost. In these games, India topped the medals tally by winning 106 gold, 60 silver and 18 bronze medals.


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