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Fighting is as ancient as man himself. This struggle to subdue another in combat, unarmed or armed, is possibly a legacy handed down to us from our ancestors. This desire for domination sowed the seeds for martial arts.

The term martial arts, simply means 'arts concerned with the waging of war'.Many of the martial arts we know today, originated from ancient war skills. In time, man's search for a more profound meaning of life, led to the development of a higher level of fighting. Although the fighting arts in each nation differ from one another, there is a common thread in the tapestry of martial arts - anonymity.

Large number of people are attracted to this art because of its self-defensive potential. At one time, Judo was the main focus of interest, but since it became an Olympic discipline, it has tended to lose its total image, and become a mere discipline. Karate, Kung-fu, and Du-Jutsu are the other arts which attract those who feel themselves to be in need of an instant personal deterrent, and wish to be stronger, fitter, and more self confident. Some of the martial arts forms are:

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